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what are the top 5 perfumes for women under 25?

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    Lacoste- Touch Of Pink

    Anna Sui- Secret Wish

    Hugo Boss- Deep Red

    Ralph Lauren- Ralph

    Givenchy- Irresistible

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    Ralph Lauren HOT is unbelievable. It smells so sexy, but young and fresh. It's in a purple bottle. AHH, it's amazing. A whole set at a Polo Outlet store costs as much as one bottle does online! It's definitely worth it.

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    idk, but i was looking for some perfume and posted a question. i got alot of great answers, but the best suggestion was to go to the Sephora web site. they have a 10 bottle perfume sampler for $50. your g/f can sample all 10 and gets a gift certificate to send in for the bottle she likes best. sorry not to provide the link, but if u can not find it. shoot me an e-mail and i will forward the same.

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    1. Kenzo - Amour

    2. Lacoste - Touch of Pink

    3. CK One

    4. Black XS

    5. Amor Amor

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    gucci dior channel no 5 ck jpg

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    celine dion, gucci

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