Why do people get so upset when someone blocks them?

I have come across this numerous times here on Y/A. People are outraged that they have been blocked by someone else. They will actually post a question just so that they can vent and say nasty things about the person who blocked them. Can someone please explain this to me.

In my opinion Y/A is just a group of people giving their opinions on a vast array of topics. When someone posts a question it is entirely up to them what they do with the answers. They are the one who spent the 5 points to post it. If they don't like an answer and block the that person that is their choice to make. I am confident enough with myself that I do not need validation from someone regarding my answer. I feel that I give my answer to the best of my ability. You can choose to use it or not you can block me or not. It really doesn't matter to me.

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    Obviously you are a very confident and secure individual who doesn't need the approval or even the acceptance of those people who may block you. You have the innate ability to accept reality - whatever that reality may be, but there are others whose personal lives are so negatively influenced that blocking is just another way of stamping the label "Rejected" on their backs. It is painful for these people but they don't know how to handle their feelings in a mature manner; therefore, they choose to react with anger. Don't let this bother you too much because you can neither change them nor help them. The ball is completely in their court and what they do with it is strictly up to these people - individually and as a whole.

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    Quite true and nicely put. I see it as a clash of agendas. There are some who ask in a wide open and clearly diverse forum and naively anticipate solid agreement and civility. When that agenda is not met, blocking and arguing and other uncivil behaviors ensue. There are those who log on simply to vent their sarcasm, humor, or controversiality- and they often end up amazingly surprised that the people they have responded to are unwilling to admit their responses. The levels of sensibilities and as you put it "confindence" in this forum are as varied as fingerprints, as are the levels of intellect, good humor and common sense. That, my friend, is what make it so interesting !

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    I agree with you this yahoo answer are not made for only one person or two it is for all of us so we are free to give questions and answer. But when it comes to a personal thing or someone disgrace them they should be block.

  • mega v
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    actually we should not block all...

    if any one want to block the unwanted questions posted to him.. he can ignore the questions... instead blocking every one is not correct...

    i feel, he may be having some other work to do for some times .. and wants to disconnecting himself away from such situation for some time..

    let us hope to continue the answers group with like minded members only

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Are YOU "venting" now ?

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