PC halo Evolved keeps crashing!!(Desperate..)?

help please, after about 5 minutes of play, Halo just locks up everything and gives me an error message about the applicationb(with some numbers in it),then restart and windows tells me i have recovered from a serious error.Please help


did i mention i jst got a new laptop

(hp compaq 6720s intel core 2 duo)

its using intel GMA X3100.is that the problem?

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    Sounds like Halo might not be compatable with Vista. Your running Vista right? Try patching the game. I provided a link to completely patch the game and a trouble shooting page for you. Hope that helps.

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    4 years ago

    specs on the laptop? Does your laptop meet the gadget standards? Are all your drivers as much as this factor? have you ever downloaded the as much as date patch? if so, i might attempt to discover some boards for the sport and notice if all and sundry has any comparable issues. Else, i might attempt to backup your save sport and reinstall the sport.

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