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How snobby and ridiculous is this?

My baby niece's 1st birthday is coming up soon. Unfortunately, my sister-in-law came from a snobby family and always does everything over the top. For my niece's 1st birthday party, she is not only inviting over 100 people to her party, she also made a GIFT REGISTRY for her baby! She actually registered about 200 gifts on various baby sites for people to buy for my little niece.

The baby will have no idea what is going on and she will probably be frightened by so many people around. She is also going to be getting tons of gifts that are not for HER, but for my sister in law so she can be in the limelight.

How incredibly selfish she is. Gift registries are only for events like weddings, not babies birthdays. She should be thankful that people are nice enough to bring a gift in the first place.

I thought giving gifts was about showing someone you care about them, not just spending money on what they blatantly ASK for. I'm going to buy or make my niece something from my heart.

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    so many times the parents DO like to have the limelight and go waaaay overboard to look good themselves. I agree w/the registry part, i think it's a little silly too, but alot of people don't though, that's why they're there.

    I have plenty of family members that like to "show off" as well.

    u've already got the right idea, buy from your heart and just love your neice. that's what's most important~ try to enjoy the baby's day!! GL

  • That's crazy! Maybe from where she comes from, that's the norm, and her family and friends do that... but I'd be surprised.

    I agree that is really selfish. I understand if you want to celebrate a baby's birthday with a few friends, friends with babies the same age, family...etc., but I believe that's it's more a time for the adults to see each and other and socialize, than for the baby. A small gift could be nice, but it's not neccesary.

    Asking for 200 gifts is quite ludicrous. Buy something you feel would be nice and appropriate, regardless of her high standards. Ask your brother/brother-in-law for advice if needed.

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    Don't let your sister in laws behavior get under your skin. Her behavior is an attempt to show others how important she wants to be. This type of behavior stems from low self esteem. If she really believed that she was important to others she wouldn't be trying to prove it she would just be ok with the way she feels about herself. It is unfortunate that so many people feel so poorly about themselves that they need outside validation. Lets hope that she doesn't transfer that poor self esteem to her child. I hope you will have compassion for your sister in laws low opinion of herself. I like your idea of doing something from the heart. That is always the best thing to do!

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    wow i would love to be able to shower my children with presents galore and dozens of people but at 1 she wont know what is going on. save your money for that girls college tuition! i didnt start having actual parties where we invited friends and lil kids until his 3rd birthday because by then he was old enough to decide what friends and what toys he liked. they know what is going on then. and another thing with all these toys and such...slow down, dont get this kid expecting anything and everything she wants so young, she will be a brat and throw fits until she gets what she wants when shes older. you dont want her thinking she can have whatever she pleases....thats not the real world.

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    I'd buy a gift of my choice and that would be the most loudest annoying toy I could find. Like one of those push toys that has balls in it and makes popping noises.

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    ooh.i would love to have a auntie like why did your brother marry her?did say something to her?i want to smack her back to reality right about....NOW!!!

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