How do i move on?

My husband left me 3 months ago.It is not supprising our marrige has been heading down the pan for months.

I am 23 left with two small children and i miss him.

I wish i could be happy alone- but thats the problem i just feel lonley.

I am not looking for anyone else but there is a small part of me that worrys that no one else will want me now! Or that i will never find some one special again.

How can i move on with my life and be happy?

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  • pinky
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    1 decade ago
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    The man left you with 2 small children?

    Do you miss him or do you miss having another adult?

    There's always someone who wants everyone so don't start feeling that you're not lovable. Take sometime to heal.

    How about getting involved in a local church? One that has Mom's Day Out to give you some time to interact with other adults. Maybe you could take a course at a local school during that time. Perhaps you could talk to the minister during this time to get some guidance.

    If you have a job outside the home perhaps you could ask a co-worker (I'd suggest a girl at this vulnerable time) over for dinner.

    Hang in and take care! Merry Christmas to you and your little ones.

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    I left my husband back in May...well...I threw him out! Our relationship was dead and he was abusive etc...long story

    Anyhow hun, You can be happy alone...what you need right now are friends to pick you back up again. You need to start to live life in your own way...the lonliness you feel will not always be there.

    You are single girl! There are many things you can do to kick start things again - get a babysitter in and go out for a drink with old friends and make new ones while your there, join a mums network online and go socialising with the kids - alot of these groups have regular park visits and things which is great for meeting other single parents.

    Try the single parent network too and maybe a club or gym locally that has a creche? means you get out and are doing new things.

    Take the kids on holiday for a weekend break or something? just get out there and experience life on your own.

    Dont worry about meeting anyone new, of course someone will want you...I thought that for a bit but I know its not true because I recently met the man of my dreams...but we are taking it steady for now...

    The way to find happiness if to be happy with yourself and who you are...try and rediscover who you are outside of being mum and someones old wife...kick old habits out of the the words of Natasha Bedingfield ' The rest is still unwritten' so you start your story all over again and make it how you want

    Good luck hun : )

  • 1 decade ago

    Just find a hobbie that you like doing and stick with it for a few days. Then tou can maybe hang out at a bar if you are pregnant, then only do the first thing

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    By living your life. Take care of your beautiful children, visit your friends, get closer to your mum and dad... and everything will be fine sweetheart.

    I wish all the best for you

    And there is always someone who will find you irresistable

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  • ti sen
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    1 decade ago

    hope you happy always........

    good luck

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