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is there a way (usb or something) to get pics from a phone onto the computer? a special usb cable or something

without using the phone company , something i can get in like bestbuy or something


i have a sprint phone

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    if your phone has bluetooth u can get bluetooth dongles for u pc

  • There are a few ways depending on the type of your phone, these are:



    USB transfer

    On most phones the applicable will usually be USB, you will need to get yourself a transfer cable. Depending on the type of phone, you may also need the drivers and software to use with the USB Cable.

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    if your phone and your computer has a bluetooth or an infrared, you can send it from there.. some phones have USB cables sold separately depending on your phone.. you can also transfer files through that cable

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    if your phone has a bluetooth device then buy a bluetooth cable but if your phone has only infrared then buy an infrared cable

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