How do you help a shopaholic?

My daughter is 21, and hasn't paid a single bill for at least a year (except car, ins & cell). I've seen her bank statement, there's a lot of shopping going on. Always wearing something new. Constantly b!tches about being broke, but "can't have this conversation" with me. Now wants to get her BF a $200 gift. Do I confront, or let it be? How do you help a shopaholic?

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    1 decade ago
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    Difficult one because you've been poking around so she probably won't trust you once she knows you've seen her bill.

    Still, the important thing is to help her. Find some time when you won't be interrupted and speak to her about it. Tell her you're concerned because you know she can't afford the amount of stuff she's buying. Ask her if she needs your help.

    You don't want it to escalate to thousands and get out of control. The sooner it's nipped in the bud the better, otherwise who's gonna pay it all back?

    Maybe if you talk to her about her dreams and life plans this could help. If she needs money to achieve these things then she'll need to start saving, not spending. Help her plan her budget and pay off her debts.

    And if you have any younger kids then maybe teach them about money before they start spending too. It's something that all parents should teach their kids as they don't at school.

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    she will learn the hard way when she messes up her credit and that will make her realise the maddness she is doing.....the boyfriend should be a good role model for her if he really wants a future with her and they both should start thinking abt the future...i'm 28 with 1 credit card and only buy things that i need and i am surviving and living life with my husband and child....thats what its abt.....what I can tell you is that I know you love and care for your daughter but she is an adult thats going to wish she never spend thats much.

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    you cant...its in her blood

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