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is it normal to feel nervous or not wanting to do something? GIRLS ONLY?

2 weeks away from a date with boyfriend that we will lose our virginity, one thing i am real unsure about is that i am not very big, size and breast so i am afraid that he will laugh at me. is it nerves or is it normal to feel like am i doing the right thing. we are both 17 just in case anyone wonders about our ages. IM's and email will be accepted to answer this question as well as here on answers providing any insight. thanks, girls only please.

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    why do u have to plan it why cant it just come natural like ur together one day and it just happens ur nervous because u have it planned it if he loves u he wont laugh

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    He's probably just as nervous! You know, you don't have to do it if it feels wrong to you or makes you feel really nervous. You want to make sure you pick the right guy for your first, who makes you feel loved and accepted and good about yourself, right? If you are worried that this guy is not supportive, maybe he's not the best guy for you? Just a thought..

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    If he cared about you he wouldn't laugh at you. Wait until you're married. There are benefits... you will be with that person for the rest of your life, you are sure they are the right one for you, you have your whole life to learn about sexual preferences and while you may be nervous then too, you're definitely more mature (or should be) and have hopefully considered what kind of commitment marriage is.

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    ahh your only seventeen? are you sure you wanna have sex just about now? and your worried about what size you are?

    okay now i'll answer your question - he's having sex with your right? okay so he obviously( and hopfully) loves you!

    he won't laugh ... if he does he's in trouble!

    but still i wouldn't have sex with him.... your only seveenten .. if you really love each other... couldn't you wait till your older and get married? think abou that huney!

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    don't worry girl. that's just a normal case that always been happen that who in love.

    my beb .

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    I am sure he is just as nervous as you are, and i am sure he is questioning his size also ;)

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