is it possible to make vaccum by heating air?

suppose a small vessel having only a very small hole above. if we heats it up, can we make vaccum in that , ideally?

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    The pressure inside the container will remain exactly the same as the pressure outside because the hole will allow gas to pass to equalise them.

    There is no way to create a vacuum simply by heating a gas.

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    It is not possible.

    A vacuum inside a small vessel would mean that you would need to remove ALL air molecules from inside the vessel. Heating the vessel means that the molecules inside the vessel will move faster, and so you will need less of them to keep the molecules outside you container at bay.

    Theoretically if you could get one molecule moving fast enough then it could do the job, but this would still not be a vacuum.

    When it cools, and if you can prevent any other molecules leaking in, it would be almost an ideal vacuum, but not absolute.

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    1 decade ago

    You can't make a perfect vacuum because there will always be some gas inside. The best you can achieve is a partial vacuum which is to say that the pressure inside the vessel will be lower than the atmospheric pressure outside.

    Remember that atmospheric pressure is about 14 lbs /in²

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    yes, you can make a strong partial vacuum by heating air.

    this is a classic experiment and dramatic experiment!!

    put some water in a strong metal container and heat it on the stove until the water boils. then put a cap on the container and take the container off of the heat. as the water vapor cools down, its pressure decreases (see pV=nRT, ideal gas law) and the container, even a very strong one, will collapse on itself due to the vacuum created.

    see the link for a video demonstration!

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    isn't that what causes the lids of containers to suck in when you microwave something and the lid or even plastic wrap is on. pretty sure it's a vaccuum effect, so I don't see why not ..

    if the conditions were right

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    It is possible. Temperature levels would have to be perfected.

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