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Question for Muslims?

People claim that Islam is a religion of peace, but much violence happens in the name of Islam. Recent examples

1.Toronto headscarf "honor killing"

2.Sudan Teddy bear

3.Girl being sentenced to lashing for being raped.

4.A Muslim girl being threatened with death by her family in UK because she became a Christian .

My question is,isn't Islam to blame for these injustices , though it might specifically forbid any compulsion in religion,but its adherents are abandoning reason in Islamic zeal. Isn't the religion to blame ?

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    In response I can mention

    IRA/UDA N. Ireland.

    Abortion Clinic Bombings


    EDIT response it totally valid because we are assuming that other religions are peaceful and we must have context in order to do so.

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    1. I don't think we should blame a religion for the actions of people. People always have a choice.

    2. A lot of the crimes you have mentioned are based on culture rather than religion.

    3. Unfortunately Islam is demonised by the media. In non-muslim countries we are still putting people to death for crimes. There some Christian cults that have done horrible things in the name of religion. The difference is that the media doesn't blame the whole of Christianity for the actions of a small group that doesn't represent the majority.

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    bro its how the media potrays it.

    you cant judge a religion by what the media shows.

    They show a bomb attack , and then report a Quran was found...

    wake up people .

    Islam teaches peace brother.

    No where in the quran does the term Holy war come. Jihad means to struggle and strive,

    the media shows it as holy war.

    It is all false.

    Have you met any muslims...ofcouse there are black sheep in every community but the Majority Muslims are peace lovers.


    Read the Quran. It is the last and final testament of God.

    Islam teaches love,kindness to fellow men, peace, harmony, family, compassion.

    You ll get translation of the quran at the site

    Dont just listen to what he or she say about something .

    If you see a bashed up mercedese benz will you blame the car that is is so bad or the driver.

    To know about the car you ll have to read its catalogue to know its value and speciallity.

    It is the same case.

    The Holy Quran is the only book in the entire world that says of it self:" This is the book where in there is no doubt."

    No other book says that with 100% surity.

    And you will be astonished to find that this cannot be a book of man.

    It is divine.

    Read it and you will know the truth .

    By the way the fastest growing religion in the world Is Islam .Why?And it is not spread on gun point. Ask them.

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    We are on a anti-Muslim crusade right now....they are being splashed across the media to create segregation. It is serving the purpose of the powers that be in our great nations to have us believe they are mainly evil. Does the Waco Massacre represent the Christians as a whole.

    Lack of Education is to blame, not religion.

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    If you give loud speakers only to the crazy people, all you gonna hear are crazy people...

    The media really like to shine the spot light on the crazy muslims and tend to avoid the real muslims.


    Crazy muslims = big ratings

    normal muslims = no ratings

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    Here's a good question for Muslims:

    Why don't you all just take your christian enemies, and all other religious enemies for that matter, and **** off to a far away planet so that the rest of us can enjoy our lives without all of you thick, anti-intellectual ****-heads?

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    Penster's response is invalid. We're talking about Islam and Muslims, not others. Now, let's remain focused here and avoid distractions.

    I think we're also forgetting the various people who were murdered, like Nick Berg, who's head was cut off, Daniel Pearl, Frank Johnson and a lot of others, and what about those contractors hanging from the bridges?

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