try and write a scary story with this sentence?

one dark stormy night as i sat at my writing table the window opened... with a creak

love to see what u write


boomrat : i donot want u dead

Update 2:

come on try some more

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    ... I saw a shadow looked like the oak tree but if you stare at it's shadow it looks like a giant claw scratching at the window luckily I'm old enough to know that it isn't a claw. Click click I noticed on my computer an email from Brad I wonder what he is up to now. He wants to come over but it's late at night I type an email back to him. Oh well I'm coming over anyway he says we have to study tonight.

    The door bell rings I go to answer it but theres no one there thunder clashes I close my door and head back to my room then I get a call from brad while on IM "heh heh heh I see you have your night gown on" which I do but how would he know? not unless he was in the house. I grasped and walk out my bedroom petrified "Brad Brad are you there" I called out but no answer.

    Then I here a vase smashed so I quickly grabbed a knife from the kitchen bench I'm getting really scared now "Brad Brad come out stop playing" I called out hoping it was only a trick then I here"ha ha ha ha ha ha" what's that? was that him I quickly run into my room only to find the closet was a little open then I softly walked to my closet knife in hand I opened it as thunder clashed my cat was in the wardrobe he gave me a shock "silly cat" as I picked him up.

    Now everything in the house was dark and I was still scared petrified actually. "heh heh heh herh" "where are you come out now!" I shouted out but still no answer then all of a sudden I saw him it was Fred krugger he came at me then I screamed "AAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!" then I woke up. Scary dream.

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    a low sounding creak filled the room as the flame on my reading candle blow out. Pushing my fear back, I slowly stood and moved to the far corner of the room. Watching the window slowly raise, I reached into the metal bucket that held my fire place poker. Raising it above my head I watched and waited for the monster that had ruined my evening to appear and cross the sill. As a bolt of lighting struck, I could see the evil First figure as it casted a long dark shadow across the floor. Inch by inch it pulled itself into the room when all of a sudden.....

    Back to you Ace

    The floor which I was setting gave way. Crashing through and landing on what I thought was mud from the rain, I crawled out from under the house. Just inches from being free, a pair of hairy legs jumped in front of me. A low growl echoed across the valley floor as I slowly pulled myself back under the house. Afraid it might look under, I scooped mud on top of me hoping it would not see me. seconds turned to minutes as I lay there. After what seemed an hour, I pulled myself back out to the edge. Looking around I saw nothing so I got out and started to run. A light at the bottom of the hill caught my attention so I ran to it. Standing there I started to rub the mud off when I noticed it was not mud that covered my body.

    It was blood, guts and hair.... I was laying in the beast discard pile.

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    "What in Sam hills is going on" Rodger asked as he climbed through my window.

    Grabbing my chest, I pull my thumping heart back down as I see two more figures trying to climb in as well. "Good god man, why can't you use the front door like everyone else? I almost died" I shouted as I turn to pick up my book.

    "Now what fun would that be besides I have a message from Sakura, she wants you died!" He said without a smile

    Fear raced through my veins as my body crumbled to the floor. "No this can't be" I said to myself as I watched the last person step into the room. It was her, it was Sakura!


    "Thought you could run didn't you... Well you can't and I will take that Chocolate malt you promised me" She said it a stern voice as she pulled out a straw.

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    he opened the door of the 2000 degree glass furnace with one hand and pulled her closer with the other...

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    It was my wife (future "ex," let us hope), and her brother Lord Voldemort. YAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

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