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I need help?

I am a first year student of Architecture . I like this subject very much . But sometime I fell afraid that after passing my subject I may not be income much money. I want to know the present condition and demandof this subject and also its job facilities.

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    I think you have chosen a great major to be in. The job market for architecture is great, even now.

    The great thing about having an architecture degree is that it opens so many other doors. Just because you have a degree in architecture, does not mean you must be an architect. You can pretty much enter any field of design... It is a great basis for any job requiring problem solving.

    People I know who have architecture degrees have gotten into:

    Landcape Design

    Graphic Design

    Furniture Design

    Product Design

    Interior Design

    Book Design

    Fashion Design


    Just remember that what you study should not define the parameters of what you will do. If you like what you're doing, you will do well. As time passes, I feel boundaries & definitions are revealing themselves to be much more blurry and intermixed that you'd think.

    Good luck!

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