how to settle on one woman when seeing multiple women?

I currently am seeing 4 women actively, but I want to get serious and settle on one woman, but I dont know the best way to do there a formula, a "pros and cons" sheet I should do?? something

-open to suggestions.....

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    Surely, one of them must stand out more than the others. If not, then maybe none of these women are right for you and the right one is still out there yet. Of course, you could always continue to get to know these women and eventually you will discover all their good points and bad points. Then you will have to decide which good things you like the most and which flaws you'd prefer not to deal with. Honestly though, if you're going to get serious with a woman, then you need to find one that really motivates you - one that lights your fire. You will know her when you meet her because she will stir up something inside you. If this doesn't happen with any woman then maybe you aren't ready to settle down yet because, frankly, you'll need that extra motivation and drive in order to deal with all the headaches and drama that being with one woman will bring you in the future. Good luck!

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    ...yes. pros and con lists are good. make up a list for each of them... but make sure they don't see them!!! then choose which one you like the most and if you can't then forget about it.

    you'll end up old and alone one day if you can't manage to keep your little penis to just one girl only.

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    If you are seeing 4 then none of them are right.

  • 1 decade ago

    Remove ur glasses

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