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Anyone stayed at the Hudson in New York?

What's it like?

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    The Hudson is a fantastic hotel . . . very chic, very trendy, very young, very of-the-moment (which is BIG in New York). The location is excellent, the rooms are luxurious in a sleek and sultry way, and their bar is always lively. What's more, one of the better tables in the city is there too: The Hudson Cafeteria. The last time I was there, we sat at one of their famous communal tables . . . . just a few seats down to our left was Katie Couric, and on the right was Martha Stewart!

    Go for it. You'll love this hotel!

    Enjoy your trip!

    Kango Traveler

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    We were there last night drinking at the bar and we had a grand time. A lot of young professionals hang out there after work.

    Their lobby is covered with ivy - it looks really nice. I think it would be a nice place to stay though I've never been to their rooms.

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