Afraid to ask her out............!!!?

I'm 17 and there's that girl I really like. I can say to myself that I'll ask her out, but it's far from reality. I guess I'm a shy guy even though it doesn't seem like that from the outside, cause I have as many female friends, as my buddies...

I talk to that girl here and there and she complimented me for my eyes a few days ago, but I'm not sure whether she likes me. I don't know why i'm afraid...

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    a few things...

    1. You could "man up" and just go for it. What do you really have to lose?

    2. You could just try to show up where you know she's going to show up, like the HS football games or shows or something. Maybe get a group of friends to go see a movie and try to sit next to her.

    3. The reason you have as many girl friends as guy friends is that the girl friends see you as "safe" since you're too shy to ask any out.

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    Im the shy guy too, i think she likes you, would you tell someone you dont like how awesome thier eyes look? I dont think so lol. Well ive asked plenty of people out and im usually the shy guy, dude, she would say yes if youd just man up and ask her. Its surefire, gunna work. you just gotta do it. If you really like her, if you truely do, you would ask her out, ive always been the shy guy at my school, and in life, but ive still made it work, just be nice, kind, and dont just walk up and ask. Start talking, and then ask if she would like to do something over the weekend, and then ask for her number before you offer yours, or ask for email account or myspace. Phone works best tho, and then be happy, make sure she sees you be really happy and stuff with your buddies.

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    if shes a nice girl, then the worst thing that will happen is that she will let you down gently.if she complimented you then thats always a good sign. if you're still unsure do a bit of subtle reasearch first- get to know her a bit more and hopefull u will be able to tel if she likes you or not.

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    1 decade ago

    for you to face reality and find the truth the you better ask HER.. that's what you're afraid of, because you don't know if the girl you like likes you.ok?

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  • 1 decade ago

    look pro 90 the worst thing she can say or do to you is say no then you move on to another one,,,,,,,,,,,,simple as that,there are worst things that could happen to you . think about hope this helps you out in life

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