what is spatio-temporal analysis of culture?

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    its anthropological jargon often used to make subjects appear more complex than they really are.

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    It's an analysis of culture that incorporates space and time in the discussion. In other words: instead of studying something with a static present, you take an historical perspective as well, examining how things change over time. And you also see how spaces have changed during that time. Like, suppose you were suddenly thrown into studying the Navajo in the year 1620. You would say X,Y, and Z about them, from things you'd observed about them in 1620. But suppose you went to study the Navajo now, from a spacio-temporal perspective? In that case, you could talk about how they've changed throughout the centuries, put into perspective what their lives are like now vs. how they were in the past, and compare how their lives have changed from when they lived in eastern Arizona as compared to their current location in central New Mexico.

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    See Star Trek; space-time continuum.

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    i think it has to do w/ preoxemics... like way cultures understand space. like personal space and things of that sort. i really don't remember studying it that mutch back in college..

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