Severe pain please help?? Urgent?

I am suffering from severe abdominal pain in both sides for the past 6 months. Endometeriosis ruled out also ovarian cysts. Pain is becoming unbearable and getting worse. Nothing eases the pain. I had a laparoscopy in 2005 so my gynaecologist thinks it's a waste of time to do that again. I am going to see a general surgeon today. What can i say to him so he will do something?? What could it be? I have been admitted to E.R twice in the past two months but they just send me home with codiene tablets and injections. I finally want them to do something.


I had the mirena coil inserted November 2006 due to heavy and irregular periods so i'm not having periods since, which rules out the pain from ovulation. At 18 they don't want to do much for me because of my age saying that i'll grow out of it

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    keep pressuring the dr's until they find out what is causing the problems. Hav you had your kidney's checked to rule out stones? Don't let one dr tell you there is nothing wrong and it is in your head, keep after them until they find out what the problem is.

    Also, how often are the pains? Do they come and go between ur periods? If that is the case, you may be feeling the effects of ovulation....Every couple of months I can feel the ovuation and it hurts like a mother. Been having this ever since I got my tubes tied after the fourth kid was born. Have them double check that to rule it out.

    Best of luck to you.

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    get back in there honey and tell them to do something! im not sure as to what is going on but if you have had this for this long and it is getting worse they need to get you back into the hospital and do tests until they find out the problem! dont delay. you sure cant live on pain killers the rest of your life!! i wish you the very best and please let us know the outcome!!!

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    Diverticulitis ?

    You should have a CT scan

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