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What is the typical breast enlargement resulting from pregnancy?

Before pregnancy she was wearing bras called "almost a B." Her breasts were small. (Not to worry ladies, I liked them. As you say about male organs, "Size does not matter.")

While pregnant her breasts started to grow. (Of course. The physical food plant is coming online. There will soon be a hungry mouth to feed.) They grew a lot. Now she is like a D cup.

If every woman gained 2+ cup sizes with their first pregnancy...well, that just seems silly.

What is the typical increase of breast size resulting from pregnancy?

Did that diminish when you stopped breast feeding?

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    It varies, and can be anything from a cup size to 2 or even more.

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    before pregnancy: 36 almost C

    after pregnancy: 38D

    after breastfeeding/losing baby weight: 36C

    they stayed a bit fuller, but pretty much went back down after breastfeeding.

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    well i went from a b to dd then when i had my baby im not joking they went even bigger because they go engorged full of mill. i looked like i had a boob job they were great. then they went back smallish again. but they are still pirt concidering how big they went

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