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is alvin ailey and/or his dance companys work egalitarian or stratified?

egalitarian means repetition of simple elements, much empty or irrelevent space, symmetrical design, and unenclosed figures while stratified means integration of unlike elements, little empty space, asymmetrical design, and enclosed figures. please include a brief explanation thanks

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    From the one performance of their I have seen, I would say it depends on the piece they are doing. There is one piece where it is just a male dancer on the stage. It's completely dark, and several strobe lights go on at different places on the stage. Each time, he is in the middle of an amazing leap or pose or just appears to have teleported to a completely different side of the stage. There are other pieces where there are many dancers are on stage, and little space goes unused. There are also pieces that use symmetrical designs. I don't think you can really define all of his and his company's work with either term.

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    I have never heard those terms used outside of sociology to describe the use of space in choreography. I'd be interested to see a reference source for how you're using these terms. Otherwise, have you considered looking up dance reviews for previous performances to see how dance critics analyze Alvin Ailey's choreography? I still don't see how you could use another person's analysis, however, without plagiarizing.

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