Name That Religion - Or NOT.?

I've recently gone through a spiritual transformation in my life which resulted in me no longer believing in any form what so ever the Christian belief in Jesus as savior and redeamer of sin etc.

I have no affinity for any religion..... my prior "beliefs" that were "TAUGHT" to me are being replaced by my own understanding of "God" .

Someone asked me the other day what religion I was. I did not want to get into a long discussion about my beliefs etc. as I feel they are personal and not something I feel a need to discuss or justify with anyone. But it did bring up a question that I'm having a hard time answering to myself. In the past I would also immediately answer "I'm a Christian", but I don't know how I would answer that same question today.

I was wondering if others can identify with what I've just discussed and can give me some feedback in regards to how they would / have answered that same question.


Chuck :- )


I'd like to thank everyone for replying. As I've pondered the replies it has given me much to think about. I don't think I was as concise and precise in my initial question as I could have been. I DO believe in God, but I only use that word out of habit. Supreme Being, The All or I AM also works for me. What I don't believe in is Jesus as personal saviour, ( but I do believe Jesus existed etc ), judgment by God, the need for redemption or forgiveness or the need to "be" a certain way in order to be accepted by this God. I do pray, even though I have no idea what I'm really praying to and I believe in "things" beyond this physical existence.

Regarding the comment about why I didn't feel this was anyones business yet I brought it up here... mentioning it HERE was MY choice.. not something I had to explain because someone wanted to debate my believes with theirs.

I don't feel I'm an Atheist because I do believe in a God.. I'm probably Agnostic but like "Seeker of Thruth".

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    Hmmm. I am thinking, since you didn't say you deny belief in GOD, just in what you've been taught about religion etc., then I'm going to vote for Agnostic, someone who isn't sure God is knowable even if he does exist.

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    yeah I feel you dog I went through the same situation. I was a strong christian I was even studying apologetics. But when I confronted philosophy, studied hard, prayed everynight harder, staying awake through whole nights... I've found myself free from religion. Now I'm an agnostic. You see there's a lot of social pressure towards belief. I'm brazillian, and like there in the U.S. our communities are just too religious. It's kinda shockin to say "I don't believe in God". Or " I'm an atheist"... so when people ask me I just say the plain truth "well I don't have any religion but I respect those who have... so... no I'm not a christian.". People look at you with that scared face... I was a christian for so many years.. lol.. but I really can't go to the church now... it's so embarassing... they assume that if you're on the temple you have the obligation to be christian... you can't even keep the old friendships... they don't disociate the belief from the friendship... christian people are hard to understand sometimes... so now I've made a new social circle. And it's way better then with the bible thumpers. I hope I've helped you. Peace

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    I think the right word would be "theist" i.e. someone who believes there is a God -- except some people have a narrower view of its meaning, thinking it means a believer in one of the abrahamic religions. That could get confusing. Deist could apply, but only if you don't pray and don't think God has any dealings with the world he created.

    I'm the same as you! It's nice out here without the narrow doctrines, eh?

    Edit: I see some people suggesting "seeker." That works for me!

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    I think the problem is that you were never saved, repent from your sins, and just believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. If you already believe in God than what is so hard about doing this? When you think about it the main thing is salvation because that is what gets you closer to HIM, (heaven). So I won't even talk about other things, even though I am not agreeing with what other religions teach. I am just saying be saved by the grace of God, and ask Jesus to come into your heart.

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  • I identify because I feel that beliefs can't really be classified as a specific faith. I don't think people really know how to classify any religion. I'm considered to be a christian because I believe in Jesus. I don't celebrate Christmas or Easter but do celebrate Passover. That makes me a Jew. I believe that the Earth is way over 10,000 years old. Now I'm an atheist. I believe in Darwin's theory of Natural Selection. Now I'm an evolutionist. I believe that Mohammed existed. Now I'm a muslim. I believe that people try to classify things that they don't understand. Your journey to understanding the meaning of life should not be subject to someone else's categorization.

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    Possibly just a deist. A deist believes that a god exists that started everything, but doesn't meddle in the affairs of humans.

    If you have dropped religious superstitions entirely, then you would be an atheist. An atheist is someone who has no belief in the existence of any gods. Some atheists call themselves pantheists, though I think that's a misnomer. Atheist Pantheists tend to believe in Spinoza's "God". That is, they believe that there is some grand complexity to the universe which they'll call "god", but it is not any sort of sentient god.

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    im thinking that u had an epiphany; it would either cause u to stay stationary with no religion,

    or inspire you to create ur own religion that makes sense to you and the people like you

    being famous either by "the new prophet of his own religion" or the "weird person who was stupid enough to deny God" or some crap like that;

    u could expect an <b><i>obsessive</b></i> Christian/Catholic/General Godlover [aka the new Spanish Inquisition] to say the second one

    i would actually treat u like a prophet if u chose the first one [well i wont follow u cuz i am absorbed in an ancient religion = )]

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    Say: "I am a Seeker". A seeker is a better religious person in many ways. You have found one Truth about a redeemer, there are others to gain knowledge of. Keep going. Best wishes. Kind regards.

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    I wonder if the atheists think you are more confused than the christians?

    what's with everyone posting long questions today?

    EDIT: oh yeah, and congrats you are basically a New Age believer now - not as cutting edge as you thought, huh?

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    Say you either an aetheist or a believer, Agnostice are cowards wont make a decision one way or other this way at least you are somthing! What caused you to disbilieve would be intrested in knowing!

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