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Where is the fuel tanks of airbus and boeing fitted?

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    KD's mostly right.

    Most are in the wings. Bigger planes have tanks in the wing boxes, usually called the "center wing tank". Long range planes have an extra tank right above the wing box like the 747-400ER. Both A380 and passenger 747-400 have tanks in the tail.

    BTW, a 747-400ER has 3 tanks in each wing, 1 center, 1 aux and 1 tail tank. The A380-800 has 4 per wing and a tail tank.

    In most bigger commercial planes, there's a standard distribution for fuel tank fueling. Fill the wings first, the rest goes in the center and there's a standard ratio between the center and tail if that tank is being used. The crew doesn't pump or transfer any fuel in-flight to alter the CG. This is only done on small planes not on any Airbus or Boeing's.

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    Generally aircraft have the following fuel tank lay-out:

    Center Wing Tank: Placed inside the fuselage between the wings.

    Inboard wing tanks (left and right): placed inside the wings both left and right, connected with the center wing tank.

    Outboard wing tanks left and right: Placed within the wings and are connected to the inboard wing tanks.

    Now some aircraft might have 3 tanks in each wing (inboard/middle/outer) so there are either 5 or 7 tanks on board.

    Some aircraft also have a fuel storage in the tail (believe it was airbus but I'm not sure)

    The reason for those separated tanks is following:

    By pumping fuel into specific tanks the flight crew can adjust the location of the center of gravity in flight. This has to do with the stability of the aircraft in flight (recovery from sudden moves, caused by gusts for example, without pilots have to make corrections).

    Source(s): try to find some exploded view charts of commercial aircraft
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    A380 Fuel Tanks

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    In all planes, fuel tanks are usually located in the wings

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    I have to say KD's answer was correct. except the fuel tank in the tail part. Fuel tanks are always as close to the center of gravity(CG) as can be permitted.

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