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women: which is worse? panty lines or wearing a thong and having a visible wedge from your dress pants?

I'm just curious how you women feel about this. I am pretty sure that a girl I work with wears thongs because I often see her dress pants stuck in the crack of her bum and usually don't notice any panties lines on her.

I know you women think having panty lines is a cardinal sin, but I kinda think walking around with your pants stuck in your crack is just as bad. But I'm curious to hear which you women think is worse- visible panty lines or visible *pants* wedge?

She is a little chubby- I'm not sure if this happens to her because of her body type, the style or brand of pants she wears, or a combination of both. I am not judging her or laughing at her- I think it's kind of cute, like she's a little naive.

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    If I am wearing dress pants, then I wear undergarments that cover the whole rear. Dress pants are thinner than jeans, and they reveal so much. I don't understand why women tend to forget to check the back in a mirror before they leave the house. I can't stand thongs, it's like having floss between your cheeks. Some women go commando as the men refer to it and that may be why the pants get stuck in the crack.

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    I know your probably going to think this is trashy but from personal experience ive decided that g-strings are 10 times more comfortable than thongs so i suggest that you look for g-strings so you can rock hot outfits without panty lines and still be comfortable.

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    We must work at the same place. She bent over the front desk to get something as I was walking in, WOW. Well, she wasn't too chubby, just nice and round, spankable - but I didn't see any panty line either, too bad...

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    all becasue she has a wedgie that does not mean she is wearing a thong. that can happen with any type of underwear. but i think panty lines are worse. i only have thong underwear though so i dont have to worry about that.

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    Wearing a thong. I'll wear my granny panties and have lines ( by the way men love to see panty lines ) then wear a thong.

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    Ewwww.....both are sins in my book! Always check the mirror before you leave home. Not just front view but the all important back view.

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    the wedgy is worse. but yeah, i don't even own a thong - i find it very uncomfortable and would rather buy clothes i can wear panties underneath than be self-conscious all the time.

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