Op shopper or Designer shopper?

Who's the smart one?

If your out there earning big dollars and working all the time i guess you belive that you deserve only the best! (RIGHT?) I see outfits for $100'ds of dollars and think how could you possibly be so stupid to pay that kind of money. (I mean you work so dam hard to earn the $'s) When you can pick up something just as unique from an op-shop! Most the designers clothes are that ugly anyway, that's why they are one off's, cause no-ones that stupid to be seen in it!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    IMO, the key to having a great look is to spend a lot of money on a few classic and high-quality pieces that will get a lot of use.

    I buy any "trendy" items from the discount stores - this includes offbeat shoes, unusually cut jackets, embellished tops, cute earrings and all the other things you normally would see in fashion magazine as the new "in" thing that season. blouses/sweaters/etc.

    The only items I'll spend a lot of money on are the timeless pieces that will last more than a season. Some examples from my wardrobe include:

    *classic burberry trench with cashmere lining

    *black louis vuitton epi leather jasmine handbag

    *cashmere lord &taylor scarf

    *jalda python skin clutch

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