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Why did Young Jeezy fall off so hard?

Back in '05 and '06 he was the ****... everybody was talking about him and Game. In your opinion, what happened with the dude he just vanished from the spot!

IMO it's like a ******' capitalist product. He was the ish with his ad libs... but now the industry needed something new so from 2007 on they crowned Lil Wayne as the new "product"... and soon they will throw him out too. I hope so at least. Thoughts?


well mizz and georgia... thanks for the information, but I mean, Jeezy ain't toppin' the charts like he was about 1 year ago... that's what I mean.

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    Dog I was tripping out on this ish just yesterday...I was up at Best Buy, picking up the new Wu-Tang, and then I saw that Jeezy had a new album come out, and I just started bugging out cuz' I had no idea that the dude had a new album. Must suck if I didnt even know the dude came out with a new one after he was dominating the mainstream scene...

    Im glad the dude vanished though. Radio had enough guys that think they can flow. Hopefully next is Wayne. Im thinking Wayne chokes BIG on his next album.

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    Jeezy fell off???? He's on like 5 songs right now, got a Boost commercial, he's one of the few ppl from south that actually sell records, Jeezy still got more clout that Lil Wayne because Wayne still never went Platinum

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    Jeezy is on a lot of new songs (Mostly by Khaled but, still there)

    -100 Million Dollars (Birdman)

    -I'm So Hood [Remix] (Khaled)

    -5000 Ones (Drama)

    -Brown Paper Bag (Khaled)

    -Takin Pictures (Drama)

    and those are only a few.

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    It is simple what is good sticks what is not doesn't. Little Wayne will be around long after 07 because he is a sick lyricist. Listen to the rhymes, not just the beat. It is a rare breed that can follow a song, they lyrics and have the lyrics paint a picture instantly. If you can decipher the metaphores in songs then your listening. For example Jay Z said I had to dumb down my audience to double my dollars. Meaning he had to take his sick vocab and bring it down a knotch so people could relate and understand.

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    Is this breaking news? When did Jeezy fall off?

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    he didnt fall off

    hes on all the khaled songs

    he just doesnt have anew album yet

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    Um, he's making clothes. 8732. Music is not his only paper route.

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    His tongue is stuck up inside Keisha Cole's booty......

    He's hiding from Gucci Mane......

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    You gotta be on something in order to fall off.

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