Would you have a chance with a girl who likes another guy?

Say this girl really likes this other guy, would you have a chance with her? I mean, there not commented and there not boyfriend and girlfriend so it wouldn't be wrong at all to change her mind and go out with you instead.

Of course, I know some of you may ask "well it depends how much she likes him and what the situation is" hmm...guess I'll have to come up with an example than.

Say you knew her from your college. You talked to her a few times but she didn't seem all that interested. one can guess because she fancies that other guy.

She keeps talking to her friends about how she is hoping the guy will ask her out and she keeps going on about how awesome he is and that she really wants to go out with him. And she says things like "omg how im I going to ask him out if he doesn't ask me out? omg I like him soo soo much"

Alright, so..would the stranger have any chance with her? do you think she'd be willing to give another guy a chance if approached? help me out here

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    I believe you have a chance. I would begin by just being casually friendly and interacting with other friends in her presence. Stay cool and unassuming, and never come on strong. Never make yourself appear to be too available. When she sees other people responding to you in a positive way, she might begin to see that you really have it going on. In the meantime, try to befriend other girls and date them if you're interested. Word will get around that you really are great to be with!

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    dont be friends with her... get close to her frnds! show her how much fun you are! show her how much you care by doing things for everyone not just her... but sometimes look into her eyes even though she is not and when she catches u staring at her dont break the eye lock for a while and then look away as if you just woke up from a trance! let her feel that there is something she has that others dont so you try to stick around... get to be her friend then start speaking to her about why she likes the other guy so much... listen her out... slowly get her to confide in you... its wrong according to religious book to bask in the warmth of feeling for others but then if you can do this much then soon enough you will be holding a higher position in her life than the man she dreams about.... then leave her... i know sounds rude but if you can get her close enough and then leave her she will realize the position you hold in her life! if asked the for the reason then empty your heart of all the feelings that you have for her then see who is the last guy laughing :)

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    I would not date you if I didn't know you at all.

    Just start hanging out with her and her friends.

    Get to know each other more.

    Perhaps she will develope some kind of feeling towards you.

    And yes, after that you do have a chance with her.

  • Lotus
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    1 decade ago

    I would say 80% the stranger won't have any chance with her since she is so upset with her crush.

    for 20% say it is depend on luck, maybe she would change her mind.

    Good luck!

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    you know she is living in the imaginary mode....she could move her fantasy to relationship mode if the guy agrees. if it hasn't happened, you should approach her....maybe she will open her eyes that her prince charming is right next to her. if the other guy still has not a clue that she likes him or that he wants to ask her out, bad for her......

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    yeah.. u do stand a chance... u really do... just be super sweet to her, flirt with her, make eye contacts and give her a huge smile when she looks at you... after sometime she WOULD have fallen 4 u... just dont 4get to act matured in front of her.... good luck with this one...;)

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    Best advice would be find another fish till that one has got over her crush.

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