Career tests and options?

I am only 13, but i want to start researching into different jobs. I've already just started with an acting a advert modelling argency, but i know that acting and modelling doesn't always give you jobs all the time.

My other choices are, something to do with animals (not a vet), photography and journalist.

What jobs would be good for the above?

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    Other people can give you ideas to explore, but a career is something you have to design from the ground up, like a house (or castle!). Given your age, you still have time! :-)

    The first thing to consider in choosing a career is love. What do you love doing? What would you really enjoy doing? This is the PASSION part of every great career. Take the time to explore various activities and DO them and see how you FEEL about them.


    Next, it's not enough to "like to do something." You have to be fairly good at it, and keep getting better.


    Even if you become "good at something you like to do," you must focus your passion and talent on fulfilling a NEED experienced by other people. Do you understand what I mean? Only by fulfilling a need can you get paid. Otherwise, it's just a hobby. Since you're 13, don't worry about this part too much. Just focus on your passion and talent.


    If you answer the above three questions (what is my passion? what is my talent? what is the need I'm serving?), then you're on track for an amazing career that makes you fee ALIVE every day while paying you good money. The last ingredient is meaning, that is, the degree to which your work is aligned with what you believe in. This comes naturally with age and experience, so I would not worry about it so much.

    When you follow your bliss (or choose a career based on your passion), money will follow you. Money always follows people who engage in joyful creation.

    Feel free to ask me more questions at the site below if you wish!

    Good luck!

    Peter Nguyen

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  • 4 years ago

    I believe networking is the nice alternative however as you recounted right here that you're BCom graduate, so why are you turn in an extra profile. I skinny you will have to be attempt to CA or any Accountancy line.

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