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Is Motor, tranny and ecu compatible?

Can a motor, tranny, and ecu from a 1994 Honda Accord be put in to a 1993 Honda Prelude?

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    Most likely as long as both are either standard trannys or both are automatics,you'll find your best answer by calling your local Honda dealer.I do bielieve they are campatable,but call a dealer and be for sure.

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    nicely the ninety two-ninety 5 won't plug and play because of the fact the motor is OBD1, the ninety 9 is OBD2 so its all distinctive. for the reason that overall performance isn't a controversy, The DX motor (D16Y7) is amazingly trouble-free and trouble-free to get a low mileage one for around $4 hundred. definite you may get a instruction manual tranny motor, yet you will could replace the flywheel from the motor vehicle to the instruction manual motor. you ought to use the motor from a 1996-2000 Civic DX, or LX. those are the sole 2 engines which you will only plug and play interior the motor vehicle.

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    No not hardly unless you want to do some heavy modification

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