Stress during finals week causes all this!?!?

Well this is my 3rd semester in college, and my hardest finals thus far.

Tomorrow is my last final.. but..

Recently my left eye has been kinda red (not itchy, not sore) is there such thing as a popped vessel in my eye? btw i wear contacts. I've never had pimples in the past 3 years, suddenly i broke out all over my face, its everywhere. my nails have been breaking off, my hair is dry.

I eat properly, sleep.. well maybe 5 hours a day.. can 2 weeks of finals.. just 2 weeks do all this to me!?

gahhh i want my non infested face back, i must have sprouted 20 huge boil looking pimples on my face, seeing a dermatologist during winter break...

but im most worried about my red eye, its not blood shot, just half the corner of my eye is reddish.

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    If your eye isn't sore, then it's not a popped vessel. Stress causes all kinds of symptoms, and acne, dry hair, and red eyes fit a stress reaction.

    When I got stressed early on in college (nausea, vomiting, feelings of panic), I learned a couple things which helped me a lot. You sound like a pretty good student; someone who gets stressed about school usually cares enough to work hard. One professor told me that I didn't need to get so stressed about school. He knew of a lot of students that failed a class and then went on to law school, medical school, or a really good job later. Failing a class isn't going to end your life, and my guess would be that you aren't close to failing. Keep your head up. You'll do fine. I also found that exercising was one of the best things I could do. When I'd get so stressed out I couldn't study, I'd just go to the gym, do a light work out, take a shower, and then come back to studying. It doesn't take a ton of time, and it will make you feel a lot better. Good luck on your finals! I know what you're going through.

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    I have been very stressed before during finals week. I once got a stomach ulcer during and after exam week.

    You should definitely engage in some other activity(ies) where you can totally focus on something else and get your mind off of the stress of your exams.

    Tests are nothing to kill yourself over. It doesn't really sound like a popped vessel, because i think you would see vains in that case. But I know i usually get pimples from stress. Just make sure u are getting as much sleep as you can, try 7-8 hours. and listen to Feng Shui music to help minimize your stress.

    I use Feng Shui, Candles and watch my Fish Tank to help minimize stress.

    Good Luck

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    All your problems are due to all the stress you're in. Since tomorrow's your last finals day, give yourself a little pampering the day after the exams. Relax - you deserve it. Rest, get plenty of sleep. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Wash and treat your hair with olive oil and lemon massage, then wrap a warm towel around it. Moisturize nails and hands and include your feet, too. If you can, have a good back massage (better still, a body massage)

    To avoid another "cram" finals, write notes in small index cards (for important concepts you should remember) as you go through the school semester. Do other reports early so you can devote finals week to doing REVIEWS.

    The index card notes I did after each lecture helped me a lot through finals and I even used it when I reviewed for my board exams.

    Surf the net for tips on note taking. Good luck! With the studies you made for finals, I'm sure you got good grades.

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    It's totally common to lose your appetite or even overeat when you are stressed. Take some time off when you can and have some fun. Exercise. Dance. Also, whether you are hungry or not, when you get up in the morning pop a piece of bread in the toaster. The smell of it cooking will get your appetite aroused. Once you start nibbling at the toast you may find that you are craving more.

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    Yeap, stress can do that and much more!

    Take care... but we all know final weeks are the worst!

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    Check out ( ) They have some great articles and tips to help beat stress.

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