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Should I really ask for a wii??

I didnt ask yet so here are some questions about it. What does the whole pack of the wii come with? Do you have to buy anything else to play correctly? Which wiii games are the best?, no war or fighting games please.

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    The Wii console package comes with Wii Sports and depending where you buy/the deal you got it may come with extras. Although the standard pack comes with

    Wii Remote + Batteries

    Nun-Chuk remote

    Motion Sensor Bar

    Wii stand

    And all the connecting objects you'll need.

    May I suggest the Legend of Zelda? It has a lot of action with alot of different cool items such as bows, boomerangs, bombs, sword and many more and is not just a pure fighting game. Also there is Super Mario Galaxy in which there isn't too much fighting and Cooking Mama is said to be pretty good.

    And no you don't need to buy any extra accessories except for extra controllers if you want.

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    It comes with one remote and one nunchuck, sensor bar and all the stuff you need to connect it with.

    Mine came with wii sports,

    Wii play includes a free remote. Right now they are doing bundles of this + extra games.

    I have zelda TP, it's great, but has fighting in it,

    you might like the mario games, my sims, thrillville, simpsons alot of them are good.

    Trust me, the wii is really good

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    well when you buy the wii in the pack you get a console along with one control and one numb-chuck and it also comes with one game which is WII SPORTS. the pack costs $400.

    everything is ready to go after you set it up, if you want extra things such as controller and numb-chuck they cost $70 ea.

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    unless your parents (or who ever is going to buy it for you) is willing to call around video game stores, find out when they are going to gt anouther shipment, and wait in line in the mourning or buy one for 2-3x list price on ebay, its a little late for you to ask for a wii

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    we have a wii and it already has built in sports can already play with your stick however there are some additionals you can buy to be able to "feel" the game more..:)

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    well it comes with all the plugs to set it up and it comes with two controlur.oh and the funest games are like the carnival games and bolling and tennis.but i dont know if u should ask for one cause most stores are sold out!

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