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have u ever tried to see how long u can go without sleep?

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    actually yes.. i tried it when i was a kid and had alot of videogames to play.. so i stayed up for 67 hours..

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    yes i tried thousands times and have been into this sort of condition since last 4yrs i can go as long as 24 to 28 hours without any sleep or a nap at all.nothing really bothers me actually at all like feeling dizzy or sleepy just my eyes i mean they kinda feel tired no matter what i do they just have this little bit of burning sensation thats it otherwise i can do whatever i want without sleeping for a long a time.and believe me this type of habit does really help sometimes like when you need to do something really early in the morning and all.and its fun too so i enjoy it very much.

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    Yes in the old days--6 days--with lots of help---not advised, and --some have gone 12 days--now they sleep all the time---and have for years

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    not on purpose. Kids just make you do it sometimes

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    i feel like its a game i play every night...

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