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so sick of my fiance?

i am so sick of my fiance. his additude is horrible. he use to be so loving and affectionate but now hes just mean and doesnt like talking to me. im sick of feeling like there is something wrong with me. we have a 6 month old daughter and im 7 weeks pregnant. i dont want to leave him because at the end of the day...i do love him and i am scared to raise two kids on my own but i am so unhappy....i feel like a single parent most of the time anyway. hes just an extra kid i have to look after. ive tried talking to him but he tells me im making it up and then he will continue to not talk to me. today i started crying (hormones!) and he said im just trying to make him feel bad. he didnt even attempt to comfort me!

what should i do!?!?! im so confused (for the 1, 900, 456th time)

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    Don't marry him. It will be a lot harder to get divorced then just break up. Besides, he is the kind that once something better comes along he will take it. If you already are a single mom, get rid of him, get child support, raise your kids, and if the right guy comes along take it. You can do bad by yourself, he is supposed to be supporting you emotionally and mentally through your pregnancy, not stressing you out.

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    I know its not easy leaving someone who is your fiancee, while pregnant, who is the father of your 2 kids, but you should do it. Maybe, if you do, he might wake up a little. I not, then leave him anyway, there is no point being with him if he does not love you back, or at least cancel the engagment.

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    the weaker the mind the weaker the sperit, hes change from the head, he lost his heart of the know what to do ,

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    well you try to convey your feelings in graceful manner when he is in good mood or else talk to your close friend who knows you both and try to seek help from him/her

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    does not sound like a good relationship.

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