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I'm not sure.....?

i have a crush on this guy and were close so i always ask him if he have a crush on someone...he always tell me he dosent but i always see him with my other friend and they always laugh and talk to each other when i see him he always greets my friend first!!

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    not to hurt you but i think maybe he has a crush on your other friend and maybe he's just shy to admit it to you.

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    well what you want from guy? if he is having relationship with other then dont be jealous of the same. Enjoy your relationship & life

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    ur question itself has the answer and u know it.............does he tell u that he likes u or something as such?if his proroty is ur friend then u have to be aware of him and also ur may be the condition that ur friend herself give him lift so first know the situation there

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    maybe a better friend then you , , but naybe still not a crush

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    sounds like you love him, hahahaha .... well thesame thing happened to me and M.J and .... well just tell him you love him. or do you want to die of jealousy and regret...hahahah

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    You are american aren't you?

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