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Are the Cherubim and the flaming sword guarding the tree of life still?

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    No, that was only to guard the way into the Garden of Eden until the Flood erased it's existance. The book of Revelation says that the Tree of Life is now in Heaven, and as no unclean or wicked things can now access it, there is no need for Cherubim and sword.

    It will be brought to the new Earth that God is going to create and as there will be no wicked thing in the new Earth, it will be available for the redeemed forever.

    Revelation 2:7

    7 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.

    Revelation 22:14

    14 Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.

  • The cherubim unionized and took away the flaming sword years ago.

    Ever been to the Mormon Garden of Eden in Missouri? No cherubim, no tree, no sword.

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    The Tree of Life is Yeshua the Messiah.The living Torah.

    Out of His mouth comes a sharp two edged sword.

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    As a Christian who is not a creationist, I suggest you see the bible as a wonderful love story - his love for his creation.

    The first eleven chapters of the book of Genesis is a prologue to that story. Read it that way and perhaps be bold enough to use a modern translation.

    The two creation stories in the bible tell how everything in the world belongs to God and how it is good. The story of Adam and Eve tells how men and women mess it up by ignoring God.

    After they have separated themselves from God in this way, they are excluded from the wisdom of God. I guess that I believe that this takes place as an inevitable consequence of their actions but I don't worry that the bible appears to suggest that God does it.

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    Tree of Life is The Word of God now. We grasp & meditate & thus eat to Live (Mt 4:4) -- have relationship with God. Even now a person with old life if given The Word -it is New Wine in Old wine skin & both will go waste. New wine is for new Life -person. Teach the Word to Born again person, is only advisable.

  • Ever really considered that scenario? You know, the Trees (plural) the Serpent, the two people. "God". Mmm. Now, I wonder what might be the symbolism attached to thse concepts? A Tree (or two trees for that matter!) (Now there, hidden away at the end of my previous Bracketed comment, was a clue, compare the following: ! & ?) It really might be a clue! Honest!

    So, where were we? Ah yes! Trees! & symbols meaning what? Then theres that Serpent! What might that mean symbolically? The Fruit? The act of eating that fruit? Mmm, have you got it yet? It might help if we consider that tree, that one on its own, The Tree of the knowledge of good & evil.

    So its a Tree of knowledge, what kind of knowledge? well we are told quite openly, its a Tree of the knowledge, of what is good & what is evil! eating the fruit thereof then, might help you to grow in the knowledge of what is good & what is evil!

    Look again at that Tree, look again at that fruit, consider the symbolism! What might it be telling you? Where might it be "pointing"? How, could one "eat" knowledge, what kind of knowledge would it be?

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    Yes. But since that place is in the collective imagination of those of us influenced by the Genesis story...

    I would not commission any satellite time.

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    They never existed in the first place

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    Paradise lost does not equal bible.

    One is a work of fiction and the other is a work of... oh.

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    Oh yeah. Apparently they can be seen from space! :-)

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