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Bored with life?

Firstly, I am not depressed. I know it because I don't have anything to be depressed about.... I am topper in college, good at athletics, at least moderately handsome, I love my parents and so on...

That's why I feel guilty about it, but I am bored with life.

Everything just seems so

I was nevr into parties but these days they seem even more hollow..meaningless conversations and vapid drinking

Sometimes I feel like leaving the civilization and live in a forest(at least it should be interesting). The only things that are holding me back are friends and family....

Any suggestions? to get rid of this boredom?

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    Find a hobby that you can dive into. Start by cooking. Learn how to make your favorite snack, breakfast, dinner, and dessert. Find a recipe that you want to make. Go to the grocery store and buy the ingredients to make your next meal. Stop eating fast food and anything that isn't real. Stop using equal, splenda, sweet-n-low. Use the real thing: sugar. Don't eat anything that says diet, fat-free or low fat. These foods are full of chemicals and preservatives. Try to prepare meals that are not full of preprocessed foods. Eat an apple a day. You are not getting enough variety of foods. Treat yourself to that favorite meal that you have an appetite for.

    I believe we truly are what we eat. Drink less soft drinks and more water and juice.

    If you're are watching a lot of TV, watch less. Read more.

    Go down to your local library today. Look around. Look at books, and magazines. Authors can be a source of inspiration for you. You're in a rut you just need to break from routine where you can.

    Have something alive near you. In your room or on your desk have a plant or a fresh cut flower in a vase. Adopt the VW Bug bud vase amenity. Get a bud vase for your car and put a flower in it.

    Clean your car. Clean your room. Throw out trash. Shred the stuff with identification data. Get rid of stuff that you don't need.

    Get some sun on your skin everyday; spend at least 30 minutes a day warming your body in the sun. You need natural vitamin D. You need to refresh your body, mind, and spirit. Take a walk.

    Surround your senses with people, pets, plants and foods that are real.

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    Perhaps you're not doing anything in life that is meaningful to you and rewarding. What about looking at how how you can volunteer or help people who are less fortunate. Or how you can make a difference to someone's life.

    Maybe you can think about devising a program that helps problem kids. Contact a community group or your local council about implementing it. You get the idea.

    I know this sounds boring too but I believe you will feel like life is so much rewarding for it. Plus it'll look fantastic on your CV, will help you gain new work experience, perhaps teach you leadership skills etc.

    Good luck. I hope you find what you're seeking.

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    By planning your week-days and week-ends and having activities with close friends and relatives. Include a bit of house-work, gardening, brisk walking or gym on alternate days, barbeque or family outing, or a game of tennis during week-end. Also indulge in some of your neighbors' or childrens' hobbies. You would be so occupied, that you would never feel lonely, and there won't be a single day that bores you. Nevermind most people like to use the word 'bored, boring' for unjustified reasons--just a habit. However one must guard against an extended period of boredness bordering on depression, because that won't be healthy. Lastly, ensure you take it easy on Sunday, and recharge before beginning another week of work or personal projects. This is to prevent burn-out. Cheers!

  • I would definitely say that you are living a very safe, normal life that alot of us are living and feeling. Life is definitely (to some extent especially as an adult) what you make of it. I would say to take some classes (even if it is one) that has NOTHING to do with you major. That is exactly what I did to keep the excitement going from so many years of taking Psychology and Sociology classes. I took Yoga, weight lifting, water aerobics, tennis, and I alo participated in various school activiites. I joined a Religious club and took on the responsisbility of meing a Secretary. That responsibility made me feel like a new level of interest and excitement knowing that others were counting on me. I also went by mydelf sometimes to go see a movie, as well as go to the mall by myself to just have that special time for me. Go to the bookstore and read magazines with a cup of hot chocolate and or tea, etc. Always have a list of things you would like to accomplish so you are always aiming for something without sitting there bored out of your mind of the sam ol' same ol' - whil still staying in college and having a job and stability. :)

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    Get a life! Not in a nasty way . . . but just live life. Otherwise you're gonna end upi depressed, and we don't want that, do we?? Go travelling. Have a merry xmas. Or . . . may sound stupid to some, but from experience I would say . . . volunteer somewhere. With disabled kids, or elderly people. They have such a different outlook on life, and they cherish it (Most of them). It's great fun too . . .the kids will have you laughing all the time and they have so much to give. You'll appreciate life and at the same time feel rewarded for helping others.

    Source(s): Personal experience!!!!
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    Try to learn to look at the world around you as though you were a child again. Children find most everything amazing and awe inspiring, even the things that us adults find boring. I think the key there is that they don't fully understand the science behind the mundane, hence, everything is like magic to them.

    Now, that might seem silly, to start. But, then, have you ever really stopped and looked at the countless miracles that go on around you every day? When you really, seriously look, you start to understand that none of us will ever fully comprehend the magic that is the universe. When you begin to do that, perhaps the spark that is the mind of a child will be rekindled in you, and you'll never again find life boring.

    Good luck. :)

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    If you go through life worrying about your friends and family then you will never follow your aspirations. I know it sounds cruel but it really isn't, I mean how would you feel if you stick around for all your friends and family then they all decide to achieve their goals leaving the country or moving away, they aren't trying to hurt anyone but they realised, life is a lonely path people accompany you but only you walk it. Search for the thing you love to do, travel see the world, by yourself if you have to everyone will still be there when you get back but you will realise life is what you make it, it is mundane to you because you are achieving nothing, get out there and start living for yourself. Just remember it isn't being selfish to live your life to the best of your ability.

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    Even if you don't have anything to be depressed about, you can still be depressed. MAO (mono amine oxidase) is a substance produced by the brain that causes depression. Have it diagnosed by a Doctor.

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    com'on you are very lucky in your life as u have written,but a little bored. get love enter your life ...... and u will move from smooth road to the up and down in life.

    hope it will help u.

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    well, i dun think its wrg abt hw u feel abt ur life.its jst tht u gt to stop feeling tht ur bored n start living ur life happily. how? u shld knw it better, right?!!

    u shld knw wht u r happy to do most n wht is right n wht wrg..

    live life the way u want...

    u think forest is good, gv it a try, n whn u think ur wrong, u wld b back n happy wit the life u r in now..

    gd luck

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