Can you help me with Remedial Courses?


In September i enrolled in a Community College, however, i failed all 3 placement tests (by a few points too), anyways... this adviser gave me a Remedial College Essay Class.

And she said all other classes are full, and she didn't explain very well either.

But recently, i was in a accident and couldn't attend my remedial course for 4 weeks, and couldn't take the exit exam ..


Am i screwed? And what should i do because my dad thinks I'm taking regular college classes.

Also, the remedial course coasted about 350 dollars. My question is will i have to take the class again, and what other remedial class i have to take in order to get A.A degree. i don't want to major in anything.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The only good way to get answers to your questions is to speak to the advisor and have her(/him) keep explaining until you understand.

    Remedial classes don't earn college credit, btw. If your dad is keeping track of how long you are in school eventually he will realize something is amiss.

    Generally, community college classes require attendance, not to mention passing the exams. Again, the only real way to get the answer is to ask the professor -- you should have ideally been in contact as soon after the accident as possible. Most profs have email and offices through which they can be contacted.

    I would assume you need to retake and repay for the class. Probably time to be honest with your dad. Check all this out with the college, however. Only way to be sure.

  • 4 years ago

    it somewhat is all as much as you--you're procuring it, not the counselor. I even have problems with algebra as nicely, and that's the reason i'm maximum possibly going to take a decrease point Math classification, then Algebra, then any greater Math that is mandatory. It sucks to could pay greater money for the decrease classification, in spite of the undeniable fact that it could certainly suck to could drop out/fail the school Algebra direction. Like I suggested, it somewhat is all as much as you. wish this permits.

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