My question is around 8 year ago I fell down from the stair, than my foot has some injury inside.?

But after many year I still have pain in my foot. Swelling as well, I cant walk very well.

I went to the doctor he said its is cause of eating the meat. I should stop the meat.

But still I am facing the pain and swelling in my foot.

I eat many pain killer but still now I am pain I cant walk in the morning.

Please help me and give me good advise on this regards,




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  • 1 decade ago
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    A few possibilities...

    There could be an unhealed fracture at the base of the 5th toe, a common spot. Have this ruled out via x-ray.

    If your doctor told you that the pain is related to too much meat, it may be a condition called gout. This causes a reactive arthritis in the joint, but there are medications as well as lifestyle modifications that can improved symptoms.

    Lastly, a typical cause of morning foot pain is plantar fasciitis. It usually causes pain first thing is the morning and after long periods of rest across the bottom of the foot. There is usually tenderness on the bottom of the foot from the heel to the toes as well.

    Dr. Kevin Cheyne

  • 5 years ago

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    1 decade ago

    Use peroxide on the skin only. Stop the pain pills. Walk on the foot a lot when it doesn't hurt. There are nerves and nerve sheaths running through the foot bone joints. If the sheath has swollen to twice its regular size you will feel pain and must find a way to calm the nerves. It is an electrical problem so use a metal chain etc.

  • 1 decade ago

    You could have an unhealed fracture. Make sure they take an x ray. My son had a tolo( not sure about spelling) fracture in his ankle that happened with a minor turn of his ankle and he ended up being in a cast for 6 months. The doctor said we could have avoided surgery but then he may have early arthritis. May be your condition is similar. Have an x-ray and see a doctor. Hope you get well.

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