Should I go ahead and test??

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 14 months now with no luck. My last period was October 25, so I'm quite a bit late...I'm on day 50 to be exact. I haven't had any really signicant symptoms or anything, so I kinda don't think I'm pregnant. But it's odd that my cycle has gone on so long. It's never been this long. I'm so afraid of getting a negative pregnancy test...that's why I've been such a procrastinator about it. I was thinking about waiting until Christmas Eve to test...maybe I'll get a Christmas miracle! What do you think? Should I wait until Christmas Eve or go ahead and test? Thanks to all that answer...

Symptoms so far:

-slighty sore nipples

-odd cramps that have been going on for awhile...they don't really hurt. They're just annoying.

-Constipation (sorry tmi)

-a lot of white stretchy thick cm...never seen it before



I am taking extra special care of myself just in case. I've quit caffeine and I'm not going to be drinking any. I'm just so scared of getting a negative. My cycles have ranged anywhere from 24 to 41 days in the past...although that's pretty irregular, 50 days is far beyond the "normal" irregularity for me lol.

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    OMG you have waited this long! You are one patient person and going to make a great mother if you can hold out for this long, lol!

    Yeah go ahead and test! Its going to be nerve wrecking and your heart is probably going to feel like its jumping out of your chest but it'll be worth it to get that + result!

    After 50 days and if that is unlike your normal cycle I would be 99.9% sure you are pregnant!

    You don't need to have serious symptoms if you are pregnant and thank your lucky stars you don't! Many women are quite jealous of you right now as they sit hugging a toilet bowl.

    Best of luck and report back to us when you've done it. I'm so curious now, lol!

    Source(s): mum of 2 and 10w pregnant
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    I am so impatient, lol. I would need to test right away! I think if you are stressing or going to be worrying about it all the way until Christmas Eve then go and get a test. Eventually you will have to test so you can't be scared of a negative!

    Good luck :)

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    TEST NOW! I understand you don't want a negative test but 50 days is way too long if you are not pregnant!....... Although it does sound like you are! So go away & get tested right now then come back & tell us all how it went

    Fingers crossed & best of luck xoxoxoxo

  • I believe if i was 50 days late for my period i would have tested 20 days ago.

    Go buy a test and good luck

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    Well I would test now, what if you aren't pregnant and then it ruins your Christmas day because you thought this whole time you might be. I wish you all the luck and truly hope that when ever you test it comes back positive =) Good luck.

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    first of alll your already on day 50... that should be a big sign that you are infact pregnant... A MISSED period.. unless ofcourse your taking some kind of medication that could make you miss your period.. or if your irregular....?

    i would say you are pregnant... if you want to wait til christman eve to take the test.. then i suggest you take extra good care of yourself meanwhile.. just incase you are pregnant...

    well good luck..

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    if you really want to know, and put your mind at rest, test now! im quite impatient with things like that and thats why i did so many tests to get my positive that i'd been waiting for! you sound like you could possibly be pregnant, but to know for sure take a test. if you could hold on a bit longer, and wanted to test on christmas eve, i think it would be nice to get an early christmas pressie if its positive!

    good luck with taking the test, *babydust to you*

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    Yes! Get going if you've been trying so hard. Go get your test tomorrow. 50 days is way over the norm.

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    Yep, go get a test!

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