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Charley Horse?

When doing a run I always get a cramp on my side(s). My gym teacher said eat a banana, it has potassium, but when I eat a banana, my foot goes to sleep - not good for a run... I do believe that I am not eating enough vitamin and minerals, cuz I barely eat. and when I run my sides hurt, and my feet are TIRED! any suggestions? Is there a way to avoid cramps, and if I do get one, a way to releive the pain, so I can continue on?

P.S. the run's tomorrow - although I have a choice to do it or not, I think doing it is better for my body.

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    You could try eating other things beforehand that are higher in potassium such as potatoes. I would recommend though seeing your doctor to have them evaluate further to see if you might have a potassium deficiency going on that could be causing this that may require more help than just with food.

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