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Okay so,, I know physical attributes come from genes,,but how much do genes influence our personality....?

and behavior, habits, etc.???

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    That is an age old debate that will probably never be solved.

  • Bart S
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    Personality is more strongly influenced by environment than genetic make up, except for perhaps in the case of mental illness.

    Your family, friends, teachers and other role models all play their part in demonstrating various behaviors in a variety of real life situations. This leaves a lasting impression which you may wish to imitate or reject, as you wish.

  • Anonymous
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    Our personalities are determined by chemical processes in the brain. If our genes determine the physiological make-up of our bodies then ipso facto our genes influence our personality.


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    if u say personality in the sense of the look, i wld say tht genes does influence it...

    as for behaviour n habits, i dun think genes play role in tht. its basically abt the surroundings/environments...

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    Yes they do influence. When I met my daughter who I put up for adoption at birth who is now 35yrs old I was amazed at the similaries in all areas

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    I think it depends more what you wnet though or going though that makes up your personaltiy. OR the belifes you were raised on. INless you inhertited a mental problem then that would be diffrent

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    I asked a similar question of my psychology teacher who is also a psychiatrist by day, and he told me that nobody knows.

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