"life goes on, amidst death everywhere." Who said/wrote it?

I heard this line in a movie, but I forget which one. Does anyone remember which movie this is from, or better yet, if it was said/written by someone bigger?

PS. Please help, I am going to be quoting it for my grad school app!



Uggh, an unfortunate source, but upon reading more about it, the "life goes on" part is there, but the remainder of the quote is not. So maybe there is another source, hopefully something better than nazi's?!

Update 2:

pps. Maybe the movie would help, I think it might have been either spiderman 3, the decent, 28 days later or 28 weeks later. (whoa, that's scary if it is quoting a nazi and 3 of the movies are Brittan based!). I might be wrong about these movies, but they are the one's I have recently seen but there might have been another movie that I forgot, but I definatly got it from a movie recently.


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    That would be Dr Joseph Gobbles, in an article in Das Reich, on April 16, 1944, after much of Germany had been leveled by allied bombing.

    Gobbles was the minister of propaganda, and information in the Nazi government at that time, and he and his wife later died at Hitlers bunker, after poisoning their 6 children.

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