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Were you a really nervous learner driver?

hi i am 34 and i would like to learn how to drive but i am really nervous , i had a few lessons and i was doing ok but then this one time this lorry driver scared the crap out of me so i havent had any other lessons ,i want to do it but am nervous and my husband wont take me out cause he says i will learn all his bad habits , so was you nervous and can you teach an old dog (me) new tricks??

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    it is all a mental state.

    you just need to relax.

    it is nothing to get worried or nervous about.

    pay attention to detail and what other drivers are doing to dictate what you will need to do.

    if you just keep your mind clear and your focus where it needs to be you will just fine.

    teenagers get their licenses young- what makes you think that you can't do it? you definitely have more life experience so use it!!

    good luck=)

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    Girlfriend if hubby won't teach you then go sign up in driving school they get paid to teach people like you; as for me I taught myself at the age of 15

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    i was nervous, and there's no trick to it, you'll just have to keep on driving until it feels normal

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    my brother did not drive till he was 26

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  • Your 35 and can't drive? ha ha ha ah ha ah ah ha!!! That is funny! Stop playin!!

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