Did anyone wathe the "I Love NewYork" special last night?

Ummm.. she was looking kind of thick around the mid section and the whole time she was talking in that blue shirt she would have something covering her stomach. I don't know yall... she might be preggo.

But I thought the way she portrayed Tailor Made as a snitch was funny!!! But I guess he is being genuine.

She never lied about "The Entertainers" bump on his forhead. I always wondered what that was myself. hahahahahahahaha.

Buddah still irks me...... I don't like him.. and I can not stress that enough.

I forgot Cheezy even existed on the show.He was'nt memorable to me.

Anyway, what did yall think about the special?

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    I watched it too...and yea NY was looking pretty plump in the face and seems as if she was hiding something behind her blue shirt..but idk??..i enjoyed the show bc some of the things she mentioned was sooo funny. The Entertainer's gross bump lmaoooooo!! I didn't think they picked on Tailor Made that badly..ha ha...Buddah is lame, Wolf was looking good from the neck down...NY was wrong for being in that cheap a** shoe store..it's about time she step her shoe game up!! lol but overall i enjoyed it...i didn't even know it was coming on until i was flipping through the channels.. but NY looks as if she could maybe be preg...or she maybe just gaining weight for no reason..

  • It was funny how she was sitting there saying dumb things and that hair stylist didn't even laugh plus she needs to get over the whole weave thing.

    Whoever she picks won't last cause then there would be no reason for her to have a 3rd season which i think will happen

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    If there ends up being an "I Love New York 3", (first off this show is blah to watch sometimes...b/c she acts childish)..anyhoo hopefully THIS will be the last season (God willing) and she needs to stop using reality TV to find her soulmate..Besides how many of these "hook up" reality shows really do work? Not many...not many at all...

    Source(s): Watches this show when nothing else is on TV...but not too much of it
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    No. But I will watch it later since VH1 replays shows over and over. I agree about Buddah and Cheezy! Thanks for the info.

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