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can i quit using predisone after ten days of use or will i suffer.?

im prescribe 1 1/2 a day.

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    Prednisone is used for many things, it mimics a drug the body produces naturally, if you use it for long the body stops making it, so mostly to come off it you taper the dose so the body can adapt again.

    Your dose, 1½ is meaningless unless you know the size of the dose, often you would start at say 30mg (could be one pill) then 20mg per day, 15, 10, 5 etc.

    I hope you see from this it's wise to do just what the doctor has told you.

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    No, you can't quit prednisone after 10 days - don't you have a prescription and didn't your doctor tell you what to do?

    Normally you have to wean off of steroids. After ten days (for instance), you would take 1 for 5 days and 1/2 of one for 5 days, then 1/2 every other day for ten days. That's just a suggestion. I'm not giving you medical advice, but I've been on prednisone and you're not supposed to quit cold turkey. Ask the doctor or the pharmacist.

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