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who over here is pregnant by using the pull out method?

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    sucks for you. pull out method doesn't work. pre will always get you. so you gotta be prepared

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    well that would be me!! Oooh I feel like I'm in confession at church, lol!!

    I had my IUD taken out because of complications, was waiting for my period to start taking the pill but we got a positive HPT instead. Hadn't even thought about condoms (we are married and haven't bought any of those for years and years) and only had sex twice because we know we are a very fertile couple! He pulled out but it was enough to still get me pregnant! Not that we really mind much. We have 2 kids, weren't really going for the third but its here now!

    I'm still pinching myself that I am pregnant but the beating heart at 7weeks says I am! Still hard to adjust to though. Its quite surreal actually. I don't think it will sink in properly till the 12-13 week ultrasound when I can see a proper outline of a baby not that white blob you get a 7weeks, lol!

    Source(s): mum of 2 and 10ws pregnant
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    Pull out method works to prevent NUT juice getting inside you.

    But wait, the nut dident get you an unwanted child, the PRE-*** DID. Its a guys natural lube thats has sperm in it. Its clear and comes out during sexual activity.

    Its the same thing as a girl getting wet, but its on the guy and consists of sperm. Sucks for you.

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    35weeks pregnant with a boy....

    Pull out doesn't work...

    But I wouldn't change it for the world... I love him so much already.

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    Me... It is not a 100% risk free way of avoiding pregnancy!

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    hey u who said anythin is 100% ok, alot of pple i ve heard them say they had pulled out but!!!!!!!!!!

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