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Is 5'5" too short for a male model?

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    For a runway model yes. Most of the woman who walk the runway are probably at least 5'8" and as a man you have to be somewhere around 6' tall. You could always do other types of modeling though. They need all types of people for magazine ads, brochures, etc. I say go for it because you'll never know if you don't put yourself out there. Maybe you'll be the exception, who knows.

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    hmm i am starting to work about model either,i would say its not to short for do other things but its too short to be a model, even female model tall 5.9 male have to be tall about 176-180 or more than that. lady should be tall 168 or more than that. but u still do about the fashion u can be comercial model dont have to be very tall, but not too short.

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    you're no longer achieved growiing yet! save your plans and objectives and choose for IT! Your height would desire to get interior the way if your desire to be a fashion sort as an grownup, yet i think of 5'8" is wonderful for a youthful male sort. height isn't the sole undertaking they seem for, the industry additionally seems at physique variety, face, hair, and so forth. think of appropriate to the extra youthful megastar of the Rocky movies - he became an excellent kit and not tall in any respect -- in basic terms 5'6"!

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    I modeled for petite and I am 5'4 and a half. That is woman's though. I think you can do whatever you really wanted. Someone out there needs you to sell their product!

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    yes for a catwalk model but u can probably model for other things like watches, jewelry sunglasses etc

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    YEP Sorry.

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