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Does any have the website for Broguiere's Farm Fresh Dairy Inc?

I've been looking into this company and I can't find a website for them. Also if you can tell me if you visited them before and any additional info would be helpful as well?

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    No they don't have a website yet, but...

    Broguiere's Farm Fresh Dairy,

    505 S Maple Ave

    Montebello, CA 90640

    (323) 726-0524

    Call them and you can get additional information.

    I hope this helps.

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    You already know they don't have a website. That is odd considering they'd probably do pretty good business over-nighting their products (at least locally). I have been to the farm. Nothing really of merit happens there. You can get their milk for slightly less than you can at your grocer's but the addition gas expense isn't really worth it.

    Also worth knowing: they are non-organic (if that matters to you.)

    Ah, it's Egg Nog time! I just bought several bottles for myself. An annual treat.

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