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Is DMT the bright light we see when we die?

DMT(pyscodelic drug) is released into our bloodstream upon death and through out the brain, the brain is alive for 10 to 15 minutes upon death. Is the bright light we see upon death the chemical release of DMT. could it be possible?

The only way to get dmt is from a dead human being, for it lyes in the brain.

scary thought if we do trip when we die.

but is it true??

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    DMT is the ******* answer...I was a complete atheist and spiritually bind b4 DMT. The DMT reality seems more real then this reality. DMT showed me that consciousness is not just confined to this waking state. It is possible to exist in more than one dimension at any given moment in time and space. I read a great book on it too called "DMT:The Spirit Molecule" I see DMT as the portal thru planes of existence. More people should be aware of DMT!

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    Yage, which comes from the bark of a South American tree, contains chemicals very similar to DMT. Serotonin is also chemically similar to DMT, as are the drugs mescaline, bufotenine, and LSD.

    I've never heard that DMT was produced in the human body. I'd suggest the light is more an effect of oxygen deprivation in the brain than the effect of any one drug.


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