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Right amount of food for a teenage girl?


Breakfast: Organic yoghurt with passionfruit

Day: Homemade apricot and coconut balls

Rice crackers


Dinner: Fresh noodles with grated carrot

And a few lollies

Thats what I had today.

Most days it is something like this

BF: Cereal and skim milk

Day: Fruit

Cheese on crackers and carrot sticks

D: Rice, chicken and vegetables

A few lollies in between

Is this ok for a 16 yr old girl? I excersise too


Oh and I do often eat Tuna and Sald for lunch and I love chickpeas, beans etc.

Bean salad is something I eat a lot of

Update 2:

Oh and I do often eat Tuna and Sald for lunch and I love chickpeas, beans etc.

Bean salad is something I eat a lot of.

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    Personally i don't think you are eating enough.

    For an adult that sounds like a perfectly balanced 3 meal a day diet but you are 16. Your body is still growing!

    You should be having more for breakfast than just fruit and yogurt, more for lunch than rice crackers and homemade coconut balls and definetly more for dinner than a few noodles with carrott (thats a side for gods sake!)

    I commend you for your healthy choices but please, don't over do it..

  • Orla C
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    You have the right idea, what you are eating is healthy, except for the lollies. But you are not eating any protein, which you must have at your age, otherwise you could really mess up your metabolism.

    If you don't like meat, look at pulses: beans are a good source of protein, and in Asia soya beans are regularly used as protein in tofu for example. You can get tinned beans, and not just the white beans in tomato sauce (although these are also quite healthy), but also butterbeans (called so because of the texture, not because there is butter on them), kidney beans, canelli beans, etc. These are good sources of protein and very low in fat.

    If you do like meat, try and have it grilled rather than fried, it drains the excess fat off as it cooks. You can add whatever spices you like to your meals, by the way, these do not contain calories but they do sometimes cause skin flare-ups, it depends on your ethnic background.

    You can also add lots of fruit to this diet too, by the way, and I think that if you replace the lollies with apples, and drink an extra glass of water or two during the day, you should be looking and feeling very well indeed.

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    That sounds like a healthy, balanced diet. It's good that u include a few lollies, cause that way, u give urself a bit of a treat. I think u could even eat a little more, like some bread, vegetables or fruit.

    It could b good to check with a dietician though, just to make sure.

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    wayy too much to eat. three meals a day only. breakfast , toast , or pancakes, or cereal. lunch, two sandwiches only, three, dinner, a nice meal with meat and veggies. No snacks in between , nothing. Most do not do that and then people wonder why so many in the West are fat. Or just do what we did growing up, Be poor.

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    eating healthy is always good, but at your age I would check with a doctor to be sure you are getting all the nutrients you need for you age. But as long as you get you daily intake of all food groups you should be fine.

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    Sounds like you are doing pretty well.

    Here is a site that may give you some more info.

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    It's alright enough, but try to have moe of a variety of foods (as you should know by now). Remember that when you eat more you lose weight more than if you eat less.

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    Sounds good to me; but, if you are really concerned about your diet, consult a physician.

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    that is hardly anything you will be alright just make shore you excersise coz you lose muscle if you undereat not fat so if you excersise whatever you eat will be fine

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    You might want to check with your physician.

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