Problems converting DIVX file then burning to DVD?

Hi folks. I am having a problem once I have converted a DivX file on my PC to VOB in order to burn to DVD. It all converts and I am able to burn the file to DVD and play. However the audio and picture are out of sync.

When the DVD starts it stays on the first screen for around ten minutes yet the audio is perfect. Once the movie starts playing properly the picture etc is absolutely fine but as I say it runs about ten mins behind the audio.

I am very new to all this but am using an external Samsung DVD rewriter and using Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD suite which came with my rewriter to burn the file to disc once converted. The software has always been fine for me to burn to disc in the past but this is first time converting a DIVX file. I don't think it is down to my writer or software but more down to inexperience and lack of knowledge on my part.

I would be very greatful if anyone could point me in the right direction on this. Cheers.


Thanks for getting back to me folks. Film plays fine on PC when in DivX format. When sent to DVD after I have converted it seems to go belly up on the title screen and then it takes a while to catch up. Haven't yet tried DVD Flick so will download that and give it a go. Failing that I will purchase a DIVX stand alone player. However if have to do this how to I burn the file to disc to play in stand alone player? Not very clued up with this at all. Really stumped by this but will give the above a bash and thanks again for input.

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    Obvious question first: Have you tried playing the DIVX file on your computer to make sure that its in sync?

    Just wanted to know to understand where it may have gone out of sync. I've encountered the issues in the past, and like the first person answered, it is a pain to get it back into sync.

    With that said, perhaps you could try another software. The program that I like to use to convert DIVX, XVID, and other videos to DVD format is called DVDFlick. Its open source (free), and doesn't contain any spyware (that I know of). Its incredibly simple to convert a movie (just drag and drop, and click create dvd). Though I've encountered some sync problems as well, most times I believe its a result of the source being out of sync, not the conversion process.

    Good luck!

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    its a pain in the rear trying to repair the out of sync vid file once they have become unsynced.

    i don't know your circumstances and what your doing exactly but ....

    a divx player costs about 30 pounds and you can burn a disc with 6 films on a dvd and watch on your stand alone dvd player.

    personally i think its easier quicker to do this rather than to encode everything i wanna watch on my normal tv.


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