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how to make a long distance relationship last long????

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    you've got to be sure from day 1 that you are totally committed to your partner...if you are then you are ready to endure the lonliness of a LDR!

    keep steady communication with your love, email, call, IM, snail mail, send flowers and small meaningful gifts...visit often to keep the spark alive...

    have good trust and committment to each other, talk about your day and try to involve each other in decision making so you feel like you are in each others lives!

    be honest and open about your feelings...say 'i miss you' at least once a day, say 'i love you' often...dont let little issues creep in - let your partner know that they mean everything to you and you wish to be together...

    if you are both in love and want your relationship to work then it will last but it takes real commitment and effort! good luck!

  • Trust... If your going to have a long distance relationship, It will come down to trust.

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    Speaking from experience, talk every single day, be clear and up front about how much you care and be constantly talking about getting together in person. If you both are truly committed you can make it work, but it will take some work. Good luck!

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    Talk daily, visit each other a couple of times a year That's how I've done it and it's been 3 years and I'm close to moving in with him :D

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    faithfulness + constant communication + understanding + patience + and a whole lot of trust

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